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European Investment Bank (EIB) Group Transparency Policy public consultation webinar

The EIB held a public consultation webinar on Wednesday 10 February from 10:00 to 12:30 (CET). The webinar was open to all members of the public. It provided an opportunity for the public to exchange directly with the EIB staff about the issues at stake within the review. Thomas Östros, Vice-President of the EIB, opened the event. Hakan Lucius, Head of Corporate Responsibility, explained the background to the review. Giuseppe Nastasi,Associate Civil Society Officer, presented the EIB Group Transparency Policy (EIB-TP). An overview of the amendments currently under consideration was then provided by Juan Sterlin, Head of the Civil Society Unit, Angela Filipas, Senior Environmental Specialist, Tom Gilliams, Head of the Institutional, Corporate and Litigation Division and Sonja Derkum, Head of the Complaints Mechanism. The slides shown during the event are available here When the floor opened for discussion, participants shared their comments and questions with EIB experts. A summary of the discussion is available here The EIB would like to thank all those who participated in, and contributed to, the public consultation webinar.

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